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What volcano erupted and buried Pompeii in ash?
What is the term for an image destroyer?
Who wrote the 'Illiad' and the 'Odyssey'?
Name the highway that linked China to the Roman world.
The Batte of Salamis was a great defeat for the ________ navy.
Mansa Musa founded what African empire?
What great ruler united the Medes and Persians to begin the Persian Empire?
The world's first civilization was developed by what people group?
What is the term for rule by a select few?
Who was mudered on the Ides of March in 44 B.C.?
The famous Greek, Hippocrates, was know for being what?
What is the term for a Roman criminal forced to fight in a public show?
What were the wars between Rome and Carthange called?
Name one of the two important rivers that make up the Fertile Crescent.
Name the other.
What is the term for the era of peace and prosperity within the Roman Empire?
What is the term for the common people of Rome?
Which Assyrian king built the world's first great library?
Who was the greatest of the Byzantine rulers who, along with his wife Theodora, codified the laws of the empire?
What people group, living on the island of Crete, developed a highly skilled early civilization?
What ruler established the Old Babylonian Empire?
Which great Greek philosopher was the tutor to Alexander the Great?
What is the term for rule by the many or the common people?
What were the huge temples built by the ancient Sumerians called?
Which Roman defeated his rival Antony at the Battle of Actium?
Where was the first major naval battle in history fought?
What is the term for a hilltop fortress in Rome?
Which Greek is known as the 'Father of History'?
Who was the first black president of South Africa?
Who was the king of the Greek gods?
What people group was finally successful in conquering Byzantium?
What ruler was known for his mericless law code?
What is the term for an educated slave in Rome?
What religion, founded by Siddhartha Gautama, involves striving to reach a state of nirvana?
Which Roman emperor-after allegedly seeing a vision-granted toleration to Christians with the Edict of Milan?
Sumerian writing was called what?
Who was Egypt's only female pharoah?
What is the term for Roman underground tunnels?
Name one of the susequent names for the city initally called New Rome.
Philip II was a ruler in what country before he conquered most of Greece?
What beautiful building was built as a tomb for a Mogul ruler's wife?
What is the term for the Hindu belief in life after death?
What is the world's oldest known work of literature outside the Bible?
What type of government means 'rule by the best/richest'?
Who led the Nationalist Chinese in their civil war?
Ferdinand Marcos is a former president of what nation?
By what year is the New Testament believed to have been completed?
The Chinese philosopher Lao-tse practiced what religion?
What Roman emperor began the first great persecution of Christians?

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