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What is the highest peak in Europe?
Baghdad is the capital of ____.
Which ocean is the largest and deepest?
What area is known as 'The Cradle of Civilization'?
What is the name for a triangular-shaped landform where a river fans out into smaller strams before reaching the ocean?
What country occupies the Jutland Peninsula?
What mountain range runs down the length of Italy like a spine?
What is the capital of Greece?
What is the only country in Asia where Catholicism is the majority religion?
Name one of the three Baltic States
Besides the oceans, where is the lowest point on earth?
What is the capital of Russia?
What current, flowing from Mexico to Europe, has a warming effect on the climate of Western Europe?
What is the world's oldest republic?
What man-made body of water separates Asia from Africa?
What is the capital of Spain?
What is the name for the wide mouth of a river where the ocean tide meets the river current?
What is the name for a person skilled in displaying geographic information on maps and globes?
The most accurate display of the earth's features, showing correct shapes, sizes, and locations is what?
What is the capital of Switzerland?
_________ is known as the Emerald Isle.
Name one of the two Saudi Arabian cities that Musims regard as holy.
A narrow strip of land that connects two landmasses is called what?
What is the world's largest fresh-water lake?
Indian society is based on the ________ system, a strict division of social classes.
The equator passes through the mainland of what two continents?
What continent is considered the birthplace of Western civilization?
In which German city did the Communists build a wall to keep people from escaping?
What is the capital of Austria?
Name one of the four major political land masses of the United Kingdom.
What is the capital of India?
What is the world's largest peninsula?
What is the earth's largest and highest mountain range?
What line of latitude divided North and South Korea?
About 1/4 of the land in ___________ is 'polder' (land that has been taken from the sea by using dams, dikes, and windmills to drain the water.
Which ocean is the warmest?
What body of water separates Great Britain from continental Europe?
By population, what is the largest city in the world?
Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia all occupy the island of _______.
What country is spread over thousands of islands in the Malay Archipelago?
What is the highest point in Japan?
What is the main product exported from the Arabian Peninsula?
What modern, Middle East nation was established in 1948?
What city do both Muslims and Jews claim as a holy city?
What is the capital of Belgium?
What narrow body of water separates the Iberian Peninsula from North Africa?
What is the dominant religion of Central Asia?
What plateau is known as 'the roof of the world'?
What is the main religion in India?
What tiny, European country is the world's smallest independent state?

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