US History (1865-1900)

Can you name the facts about U.S. History (1865-1900)?

Who invented the telephone?
Who was his assistant?
Who invented the incandescent light bulb, phonograph, and storage battery?
What horticulturist, a teacher at Tuskegee Insitute, developed many uses for the peanut and sweet potato?
Who invented the box camera and roll film?
What German-born engineer pioneered the design of suspension bridges, including the Brooklyn Bridge?
Who developed the first practical commercial typewriter?
What architect is remembered for his early skyscraper designs?
What is the surname of the brothers credited with the invention of the safety elevator?
Who was the famous steel magnate and philanthropist?
What Englishman developed an inexpensive method of turning iron ore into steel?
What prospector drilled the first oil well?
Who was the founder of the Standard Oil Company that became the wealthiest man in America?
Who founded the Union Oil Company of California, the largest independent oil company on the west coast?
In which town in Utah was the first transcontinental railroad completed?
Which company built eastward from Sacramento through the Sierra Nevadas to complete the transcontinental railroad?
Which company built westward from Omaha through the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains to complete the transcontinental railroad?
In what year was the transcontinental railroad completed?
What building was the first modern American skyscraper? (1890)
Which hospital opened the first school of nursing? (1873)
Which medical school was known for its extensive medical research in the years leading up to the 20th century?
Where was the first interracial hospital in the US located?
What is the title given to the period of time between 1865 and 1900?
What is the alternate title Mark Twain assigned to this time span?
What is the term for one who risks personal loss to develop and market a new product?
What was the largest steel company in the world at the end of the 19th century?
Giving away large sums of money to needy individuals and private charities is called what?
'Drake's Folly' was the first successful ______________.
In what year was Chicago destroyed by a fire?
In what year did Chicago host the World's Fair (World's Comlumbian Exposition)?
What former shoe salesman was possibly the best-known American evangelist of the late 19th century?
What school did he found in Chicago?
Who was the founder of Hull House--a famous settlement house in Chicago?
Jesse _______ was a noted train robber in the Old West.
As the sheriff of Dodge City, _______ _____ and his brothers killed several outlaw gunmen at the O.K. Corral.
What Sioux chief led the Indian attack at the Battle of Little Big Horn?
Who led the U.S. cavalry troops at the Battle of Little Big Horn?
Who invented barbed wire?
What organization was founded as a political organization of farmers that sought to regulate the railroad freight rates?
Who founded this organization?
Which Republican President was assassinated after only four months in office?
Who was his VP who became President after his death?
Grover Cleveland was the first Democrat to win the Presidency after the ______ ______.
He was also the only President to ________ while in the White House.
He was also the only President to serve two _________________ terms.
Who is known for organizing the American Federation of Labor?
What Republican President served from 1889-1893? (first and last name)
What Republican President served from 1897-1901--at which point he was assassinated?
What great American orator ran as a Democratic candidate for the Presidency on the platform of free coinage of silver?
Who wrote 'Little Women'?
What was the nom de plume of Samuel Clemens--the famous American author of 'Tom Sawyer' and 'Huckleberry Finn'?
Who wrote 'Ben Hur'
Who wrote 'In His Steps'?
What well-known American poet wrote such works as 'O Captain, My Captain?'
Who wrote a canon of short, untitled poetry which was not published until after her death?
Who was 'the Hoosier poet' who wrote folsky poetry in the Hoosier dialect such as 'When the Frost is on the Punkin.'
Name the famous 19th century artist known for painting waterscapes in vivid color.
Name one of the two famous artists known for depicting American life in the 19th century. (Hint: think Christmas carols)
Name the other
What musician is known as 'The March King' and is most well-known for his song 'Stars and Stripes Forever'?
Name the blind composer of many famous gospel songs and hymns.
What is the name for the rugged terrain in South Dakota which was once promised to the Indians but settled in 1874 when gold was discovered?
What state was the first to grant women full political privileges?
What piece of legislation offered land and U.S. citizenship to any head of an Indian family who would take up farming or ranching?
Which state is known as the 'Centennial State' because it joined the union in 1876?
What is the term for the rapid increase of prices which results when the value of the dollar declines?
What political party formed to maintain or increase the number of paper bills in circulation?
What piece of legislation provided for competitive examinations for civil-service workers?
What was the first government agency set up to regulate private business? (1887)
What is the term for the process in which voters in a state can sign a petition and begin passage of a law without waiting for the legislature to propose it?
What is the term for the process which refers a proposed law directly to the voters?
What piece of legislature broke up large companies and set a precedent for government regulation of American business?
What was the name given to the violent strike held by the ironworkers' union at the Carnegie steel mill in Pennsylvania?
What Supreme Court case declared that racial segregation was legal in the United States?
What piece of legislation made gold the only measurement for monetary value?

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