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Can you name the 80's Thrash Metal bands by the song names?

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Thrash metal
Bonded By Blood, Toxic Waltz, Chemi-Kill
Mass Hypnosis, Desperate Cry, Stronger Than Hate
Devil's Island, 502, Skull Beneath the Skin
Over the Wall, Trial by Fire, Sins of Omission
Kill Again, Live Undead, Haunting the Chape
Trapped Under Ice, The Thing that Should Not Be, Motorbreath
Chalice of Blood, Step by Step, Through Eyes of Glass
Metal on Metal, Winged Assasins, Jackhammer
Thrash metal
War and Pain,Thrashing Rage, Killing Technology
Awakening of the Gods, Pleasure to Kill, Flag of Hate
Of Rage and War, 24 Hrs Ago, The Dungeons are Calling
Hello from the Gutter, Elimination, Horrorscope
3rd Floor, Bored, Mistress of Pain
A.I.R., Skeletons in the Closet, Got the Time
Darkness Decends, No One Answers, The Promise of Agony

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