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If you're taking this quiz, you probably know sierra and maddy!! lets see how much u know lmao

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hint answer
what is maddy's full name
how tall is maddy lmao
what is maddys haie color
where does maddy live
dam does maddy have a sibling
what is maddys lucky numbre
what is maddys twitter handle
is maddy fluent in french
what is maddys favorite anime
whats maddys favorite color
what is my birthday
was maddy a phannie or noy
what was maddys old twitter handle
what is sierras name
hint answer
how tall is sierra lmao
what are sierra smedical conditions
was sierra an emo kid
when did sierra join stan twt
how many days after the civil war was abraham lincoln shot
where is sierra from
who is sierra's daddy
how old is sierra
what school does sierra go to
who is sierras got7 bias
w hat is the first thing sierra did when she was born
who is sierras favorite person
what is the name of the USA'S 23rd president
final question (wrth 20,000,000 points!!)

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