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Can you name the Top 50 Metal Acts of All-Time according to the magazine Metal Gods: 50 Legends that Rocked?

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Band from the UK (#1)Godfathers of Metal
Band from the USA (#2)One of the Big 4
Band from the UK (#3)Most famous member is fictional
Band from the UK (#4)Lead singer came out, embraced for it
Band from the USA (#5)One of the Big 4, founder kicked out of another
Band from the USA (#6)One of the Big 4, what's the weather report say?
Band from the UK (#7)Founder recently passed away
Band from The USA (#8)Lead guitarist tragically killed on stage
Band from Australia (#9)Thunder form Down Under
Band from the USA (#10)Teamed up with Public Enemy
Band from the UK (#11)When the elevator is broke, you take the stairs
Band from the USA (#12)They have the looks that kill
Singer/Band from the USA (#13)SCUBA man ain't going to Hell...
Band from the USA (#14)Instrumental wizardry is well-known for the Proggers
Band from the USA (#15)Like Ricky Bobby, the lead singer has 2 First names for his full name
Band from the USA (#16)You wanted the best, you got the best...
Band from the UK (#17)Forefathers of Black Metal
Band from the USA (#18)No Sunshine in the 11th month for these guys
Singer/Band from the UK (#19)Hop aboard this unstable locomotive
Band from Denmark (#20)Think Royal Gemstone, and that's the lead singer
Band from Germany (#21)Kick me out of UFO? I'll just go form another band with my brother!
Band from the USA (#22)Not Life, but...
Band from Germany (#23)Spheres upon the rampart
Band from the USA (#24)Band is named after an album by #7
Band from Brazil (#25)Portuguese for 'grave'
Band from Germany (#26)What do 7 keys and a holiday have in common?
Band from the USA (#27)They just can't take it anymore
Band from the UK (#28)A former lead singer left to form Whitesnake
Band from the USA (#29)Often confused for #12 to the uninitiated
Band from the USA (#30)You sided with the band when they broke up? You're a cop!
Band from the USA (#31)Forefathers of Viking Metal
Band from the UK (#32)Their rims must have come from Pittsburgh
Band from the USA (#33)Look like a Jason Voorhees cult
Band from the USA (#34)What's their name mean?
Band from the USA (#35)They have a lot in common with the Israelites
Band from Canada (#36)A documentary about them 30yrs after formation finally made them known
Band from the USA (#37)According to the lead singer's nickname, he may be into necrophilia?
Singer/Band from the USA (#38)Very expensive newborns
Band from the USA (#39)Hammer, Screwdriver, etc.
Band from the USA (#40)Vermin leaving the basement
Band from the USA (#41)Spelling vegetables is not their strongsuit
Band from Armenia (#42)Their 3rd CD encouraged a Five Finger Discount!
Band from the USA (#43)Loud Calm
Singer/Band from the USA (#44)The Antichrist Superstar
Band from the USA (#45)Lead singer is also an accomplished horror director
Band from the USA (#46)I don't think they take away the sins of the world
Band from Germany (#47)Do You Hate Me?
Band from the UK (#48)Band #2 claims to be heavily influenced by this group
Band from the USA (#49)Come worship with us
Instrumentalist from Sweden (#50)Guitars known for having scalloped necks

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