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QUIZ: Can you name the Dance moms trivia?

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What does Cathy's husband sell?
Who got planter's warts?
What is Peyton's mother's name?
What is the name of the male dancer from Candy Apples?
Who is the dancer from Candy Apples that injured her foot?
What state did Abby take the dancers to when the competition was cancelled?
What is Abby's dog's name?
What is Abby's assistant's name?
What is the name of the shorts the dancers often wear?
What special pink prop did the girls use when they were dressed as show girls?
What special gift did Jill get for Abby and her assistant?
For what team did Kendall perform at half time?
For what activty did Brooke temporarily leave dance?
What insect costume did Cathy say she gave to Goodwill?
What is Melissa's fiancee's name?
What color eyeshadow do the Candy Apples wear?
What is Holly's profession?
What is Abby's least favorite place for the girls to rank?
What is Chloe's favorite style to dance to?
BONUS!!!! What is the name of the dance where the girls used guns as props?

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