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GCSE Music - Why does my Heart Feel so Bad? (Moby)

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What are there elements of between the piano and vocal sample?
True or False: In verse 1, the rhythm is static.
Is the tempo consistent or varied?
What album is this piece from?
What is the time signature? (use :)
What is used for the drum loops?
In the outro the texture is reduced, what is playing other than sample 1?
What instruments are used for the synth pad and string sounds?
QuestionAnswerExtra Information
Which chord sequence is used in the intro and outro?
What key are the vocal samples?
What is the Hip-Hop drum loop also known as?
What does the Piano provide?
What is chord sequence one? (m for minor, no letter for major)
What the use of 6 chords in each sequence show?
What are the dynamics at the start?
The instruments come in a drop out to provide what?

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