Oscar Winners: Which Movie?

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Can you name which movie that the given actor or actress won an Oscar for? Enter 'A' or 'B'.

Updated Feb 25, 2014

How to Play
ActorA or B?Movies
Kate Winsleta) The Reader, b) Titanic
Jack Lemmona) The Apartment, b) Save the Tiger
Denzel Washingtona) Training Day, b) The Hurricane
Tom Hanksa) Saving Private Ryan, b) Philadelphia
Susan Sarandona) Thelma and Louise, b) Dead Man Walking
Faye Dunawaya) Bonnie and Clyde, b) Network
Al Pacinoa) Serpico, b) Scent of a Woman
Paul Newmana) The Hustler, b) The Color of Money
Christian Balea) The Dark Knight, b) The Fighter
George Clooneya) Syriana, b) Up in the Air
Katharine Hepburna) Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?, b) Bringing Up Baby
Julie Christiea) Dr. Zhivago, b) Darling
Renee Zellwegera) Bridget Jones' Diary, b) Cold Mountain
Ingrid Bergmana) Casablanca, b) Gaslight
Henry Fondaa) On Golden Pond, b) 12 Angry Men
Robert De Niroa) Raging Bull, b) Taxi Driver
Jon Voighta) Midnight Cowboy, b) Coming Home
Jack Nicholsona) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, b) Chinatown
Marlon Brandoa) On the Waterfront, b) Apocalypse Now
Julie Andrewsa) The Sound of Music, b) Mary Poppins
Sidney Poitiera) In the Heat of the Night, b) Lilies of the Field
Morgan Freemana) The Shawshank Redemption, b) Million Dollar Baby
Kevin Spaceya) The Usual Suspects, b) Se7en
Grace Kellya) The Country Girl, b) Rear Window

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