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Which character is played by Mandy Patinkin?
What is the name of Emily Prentiss' cat?
In what episode is Penelope Garcia shot?
Who is Henry's Godfather?
Who is killed in episode 100?
Who is the section chief at the BAU?
What is Emily Prentiss' other alias in the episode 'Lauren'?
Who covers JJ's maternity leave?
What is Hotch's brother called?
Which Character is played by Cade Owens?
In which episode does Hotch beat up Reid?
What is Garcia's boyfriend's name?
Who's father is a serial killer?
Who replaces Jason Gideon?
Which character shoots an UnSub in cold blood?
In which episode is JJ transfered?
Who plays Emily Prentiss
What is Reid's IQ?
Who does Garcia share a room with in Alaska?
Who gets beaten up in order to save Reid's life in 'Minimal loss'?

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