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Seven O' clock in the evening watching somthing stuiped on tv. I am zoned out on the sofa when my wife comes in the room and sees me.
I know that you dont know me very well. We barely meet but I can surly tell, no one will ever love you like I do.
I sued Taco Bell because I ate half a million chlupas and I got fat.
once mabey you will feel the urge to break intrenational copy right law.
They see me mowing, my front lawn, thinking im so _______________
Faces filled with joy and cheer. What a magical time of year. Howedy ho it,s ______ ______ _______
Jillan was her name. She was sweeter than aspotaine. Her kisses reconfigured my DNA
Watch this. These are my ______________ just when i thought I said all I can say I came up with more.
HEY everybody listen up your attention if you please
I'm all way thinking bought it, dont know what I'd do without it, I love, I really love my___________
Don't want to be a ________ _____. Dont want to be some beer swilling hockey nut.
Lets get it started HA, lets get it starded in here.

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