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Forced Order
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Movie TitleWarYear Released
Full Metal Jacket1987
Pork Chop Hill1959
Johnny Tremain1957
Apocalpse Now1979
Breaker Morant1980
Drums Along the Mohawk1939
Sergeant York1951
The Outlaw Josie Wales1976
Master and Commander2003
The Red Badge of Courage1951
A Farewell to Arms1932
Das Boot1981
The Big Parade1925
Paths of Glory1957
Dawn Patrol1938
Movie TitleWarYear Released
The Manchurian Candidate1962
The Patriot2000
The Fighting 69th1940
Bridge at Toko Ri1955
Behind Enemy Lines2002
The Duelists1978
Mrs. Miniver1942
The Caine Mutiny1954
The Rough Riders1997
The Buccaneer1956
The Deer Hunter1978
All Quiet on the Western Front1930

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