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Can you guess the correct answer for these Halo, Mass Effect and StarCraft similarities?

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A enemy that uses technology to mutate other species into mindless beasts for their own use
An Extinct and Advanced Alien Race that was once at war with Humanity
The Hero that is chosen to save the Galaxy
The Heroine that is betrayed and left behind, before the enemy capture her
The Super Soldiers that were secretly taken as children
Lets user's control objects telekinetically, surrounded in a blue aura
'Thing' seeks to destroy galaxy and remake all life in its image
Protagonist's female partner and best friend that is also Artificial Intelligence
Protagonist is rescued by this ship and use's it as a base of operations
He betrays heroine and leaves them for dead. Years later is eventually killed in return
The agency that mainly oversees Earth's military operations in space
This ancient techonolgy is used to travel at Faster-than-light speeds
An Exoskeleton War Machine that can transform
One of the main Antagonist's but is never faced directly, only through puppets that they control
They start out as an enemy but after being betrayed, they become allies to stop threat to the galaxy
A warrior race with advanced technology and pscionic powers
A Space Station used by outlaws that is shaped like a jellyfish
Ancient Artifact is a major catalysts in the plot and saves heroine from her enslavement and mutation
A warrior race of ape-like creatures known for it's aggressive and barbaric nature

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