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Movie TitlesActor/Actress
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang; A Scanner Darkly; The Soloist
Raising Arizona; Matinee; O Brother, Where Art Thou
Zulu; The Man Who Would Be King; Batman Begins
No Reservations; Chicago; Traffic
Boyz N the Hood; Anaconda; Barbershop
The Cowboy Way; Edtv; Semi-Pro
Children of Men; The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio; Boogie Nights
The Devil's Advocate; The Legend of Baggar Vance; Monster
The Dirty Dozen; MASH; Animal House
Stranger Than Fiction; The Producers; The Ladies Man
Jurassic Park; Unbreakable; The Incredibles
Thelma and Louise; Beetlejuice; A League of Their Own
Field of Dreams; Hannibal; Identity
The Program; The Flintstones; Die Another Day
The Apartment (1960); The Out-of-Towners (1970); Glengarry, Glen Ross
Movie TitlesActor/Actress
Unforgiven; Amistad; Gone Baby Gone
Misery; Titanic; About Schmidt
I Love You, Beth Cooper; Remember the Titans; Raising Helen
Wall Street; Young Guns; Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Eight Men Out; Con Air; War Inc.
Scary Movie; Waiting; Just Friends
Edward Scissorhands; Mr. Deeds; Girl, Interrupted
Major League; The Fan; U.S. Marshalls
Alive; Lord of War; Daybreakers
Joe Dirt; Catch Me If You Can; Wedding Crashers
The Family Stone; Sherlock Holmes; Red Eye
The Tempest; Street Fighter; The Addams Family
License to Wed; It's Complicated; Leatherheads
My Best Friend's Wedding; Vanilla Sky; The Holiday
Grumpy Old Men; The Whole Nine Yards; The Usual Suspects

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