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Can you name the news events that happened this week?

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President Obama blasted both executives and regulators for finger-pointing over this disaster
Troops fired bullets and tear gas at anti-government protesters rioting near the U.S. and Japanese embassies in this city, where clashes have turned it into a virtual war zone.
In what is expected to be its last mission, _____________ launched in Florida on Friday.
This company, still being investigated for safety issues, is back in the black as North American sales jumped 65%.
Gunfire erupted in this country as hundreds of interim government backers fought supporters of deposed President Kurmanbek Bakiyev for control over regional government buildings
This man defended a proposed change over election vote rules in the UK.
Underground salt beds in this US state have attracted attention as a possible site to store high-level nuclear waste.
The top-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers fell to the Boston Celtics, spawning speculation it could be this star's last game with Cleveland.
This Jamaican runner clocked a 9.81 to win the 100m in Doha
This company has downplayed the significance of a company-wide meeting to discuss privacy issues.
Researchers have found that an ability to live at high _______ may be linked to 10 genes.
A 12-year old got a call of praise from Lady Gaga for his YouTube hit covering this song.

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