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Vertical stem
Where does the leaf attach to the stem?
Why is durum wheat good for pasta?
What two things is bran rich in?
What 3 things does milling produce?
Indica type rice is also known as
What transfers starch to the embryo?
WHat type of wheat has toughened glumes and brittle rachis?
What is the name of the process used to ensure uniformity of hybridization of seed corn?
What is the scientific name for barley
This non-cereal grain belongs to the Polygonaceae family
The aleurone layer and pericarp form what?
What two proteins make up gluten
Where is sugar cane native to?
What are the 3 methods of cultivating rice?
When did grasses evolve?
Who brought rice to Europe?
What is the name for the ancestor of maize?
Until when was barley the predominant grain in Europe
Horizontal stem above the ground
Why is sorghum grown?
What makes up the floret?
What makes brown rice brown?
Which two grains were hybridized to form triticale
What is the common name for secale cereale
Rhizomes permit the formation of what?
Where is sorghum popular?
What are the parts of a grass leaf
The partial germination and drying of barley seeds is called what?
Where does an awn grow from?
Lack of what vitamin causes beriberi?
What kind of root system do grasses have?
How many chromosomes (n) does Emmer wheat have?
What provides the energy for seed germination
Monocots have leaves/flowers in multiple of?
What is the life cycle of most cereals?
Which wheat is the 'staff of life'
What is the name for the product of controlled anaerobic fermentation of undried grasses
What is the name of the fruit of a grass?
What was the consequence of flour made before milling?
The embryo with the sheath
Which two wheats are relevant for human consumption today
By what process were non-shattering grains introduced into wheat
What is the grass family?
The bracts form what part of the grain?
What is the name for the stem scraps of sugar cane?
Instead of petals, grass flowers have...
What is the third crop in terms of caloric intake?
What percent of sugarcane is sugar?
Which wheat is grown in areas of low rainfall?
What process makes C3 plants unsuitable for high temperature regions
What provides fixed nitrogen for rice?
What makes up white flour
Glumes surround what?

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