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What is the main medicinal effect of theophylline?
What is the name of the process that removes the caffeine using osmosis instead of chemicals?
Which drug comes from a cactus?
What is the term for when the fruit is produced directly on the stem?
Henbane was used in what before Bavarian Purity Law
Camellia sinensis
Where do we get more potent THC?
What is the scientific name for the most bitter coffee?
Taking cocaine while pregnant causes:
Where is marijuana native to?
Scopolamine is an example of this class of compound
What caused the British to plant tea in India and Ceylon?
Who brought tea to Europe?
Chewing what part of the coca plant suppresses hunger?
If I can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy, I am _____
What is the 'feel good chemical'?
Which part of the marijuana plant is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids?
what drug does tea contain besides caffeine?
What is a negative effect of THC?
How much of the world population smokes?
Sterculiaceae is the family of what?
What family is coffee in?
Cocaine is an agonist of which neurotransmitter?
Where is opium produced?
Where was coffee first drank?
What is a medicinal use for caffeine?
Another name for henbane
What is the scientific name for marijuana?
What was cocaine used to combat?
Cola nitida
When a plant has both male and female flowers on the same plant, it is _____
What is used to chemically remove caffeine to make decaf?
What is the most widely abused drug in the world?
Where did coffee originate?
What makes black tea, black?
Jimsonweed is pollinated at _____
How many seeds does a coffeee cherry have?
What do many tobacco farmers in Ontario grow instead of tobacco now?
Erythroxylum coca
What parts of the plant are picked to go into the tea?
Delta 9 THC is an example of this type of botanical substance
Caffeine mimics ____
Mairjuana, due to the arrangment of its sex parts, is ______
What family is tea in?
Theobroma cacao
Where is tobacco native?
Top 3 tobacco growing countries
What property of soil promotes the growth of tobacco?
A plant with its male and female parts in the same flower is _____
Cannabinoids are what kind of chemical compound?
Datura stramonium
What is the role of delta 9 THC?
If a drug mimics a neurotransmitter, it is an...
Tobacco: ______ sp.
Jimsonweed is native to:
What do we need to remove from the coffee beans before drying and roasting
Papaver somniferum
Who brought tobacco back to spain?
Growing coffee this way increases grade, and is better for the environment?
What is the source of chocolate liquor?
Because corn is _____, we need to detasselate in order to hybridize the strains purely
What do we remove from tobacco plants to promote leaf growth?
Because cocaine is a vasoconstrictor, it was used in:
Who ended the Arabian monopoly of coffee?
Boiling with what produces free base cocaine?

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