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What is the family of the maple tree?
What is the formula for glucose?
What family is sugar cane?
What is the yield in tonnage/hectare of sugar beet?
What is the name for the theory on how we percieve sweetness?
What is the scientific name for sugar cane?
What is the main useful byproduct of sugar manufacturing?
How do you remove colour from the sugar beet juice?
What climates are sugar beets preferred over sugar cane?
What enzyme catalyses the conversion of nectar to sugar?
What is the average yield of sugar palm per day?
What two sugars make up sucrose?
acer saccharum
What process separates the molasses from the sugar crystals?
What is table sugar?
What is the scientific name for sugar beet?
What force mediates sweetness?
What structure do plants have to attract insects?
What is the percentage of sucrose in maple syrup
What form is thaumatin found in?
What is the least sweet naturally occurring sugar?
Sugar beets are susceptible to what?
What state are sugars at room temperature?
True or false: bees will use a wide range of plants for nectar at the same time
Arenga pinnata
What is mized with sugar crystals to form confectioner's sugar?
Hoe much maple sap do you need to get 1L of syrup?
Name a country where sugar cane is grown
Where does maltose come from in the malting process
What is the main source of sugar in pop?
What is made by mixing sugar with syrup?
Sunflowers share a family with what sweetener?
What sweetener was discontinued from use due to health effects?
How do you get rid of unwanted foliage before processing sugar cane?
Which two plants produce 2/3 of all our sugar?
What percent of maple syrup is sugar?
What is the name of the protein that modifies tyour taste buds to taste sour things as sweet?
Where do you get sugar from in the sugar palm?
What is the vegan alternative to honey?
What do you add to clarify sugar cane juice?
What is the sweetest naturally occurring sugar
What is an alternative source of sugar?
How much sweeter is thaumatin than sucrose?
What is the sugar that makes up agave nectar?
What part of the plant gives you sugar in the sugar beet?
When do you harvest maple syrup?

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