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Can you name the Fagus, and other fruits and vegetables?

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What is the faimly name for the onion family?
Which part of the mango is poisonous?
Is a rhubarb a culinary fruit, botanical fruit, or both?
Where did watermelon originate?
Which of these is a true nut: pistachio, coconut, almond or pecan?
Which fruit class is citrus and has a tough leathery rind?
What type of structure does capsaicin have?
Which is NOT a true nut: walnut, chestnut, pinenut, butternut
What vegetable was formed from crossing cabbage and turnips?
What is the name of the family that pears are in?
Beta vulgaris have what life cycle?
Brassicaceae contains which of these vegetables: Radishes, beets, parsnips?
A carrot is an example of what?
A mango is a member of which fruit class?
What is edible in a berry that is not in a drupe?
Spinach is in what family?
True or false, mangos and cashews are in the same family
Where is garlic from?
Which is not a member of the Rosaceae family: apple, strawberry, plum, peach, grape?
Where do most brassicaaceae originate?
What chemical causes you to cry when cutting onions?
Where did the apiaceae family orginate?
What is the genus of the beechnut?
What is the name of the pineapple family?
True or false, walnuts and chestnuts are in the same family?
Celery is in what family?
Where was eggplant domesticated?
Capsicum spp.
What is bromelain used for?
Ericaceae is defined by what fruit?
You are eating what part of the plant, when you eat the main member of the asparagaceae family?
What fruit class has edible accessory organs?
Brassicaceae is the family name for what type of vegetables?
What is the pit in a peach?
What lifecycle are carrots on?
What compound does the cashew seed coat contain that makes it posisonous
What is the name of the oak nut family?
A coconut is what?
What is the defining feature of the pepo?
What important chemical is found in the leaves of the mustard family?
What is the chemical in papayas used as a meat tenderizer?
What is the member of the cucurbitaceae family that is a main staple of the American Natives
Rutaceae is the what family?
What is the name of the scale used to measure hotness?
Which one of these is not a berry: a banana, an avocado, a cherry

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