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Forced Order
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Exploring duo who explored the Louisiana Territory under the request of President Jefferson.
Fortune seekers who came to California during the Gold Rush.
The belief that the United States was meant to expand across the continent to the Pacific Ocean...
To withdraw or break away from a nation.
This Spanish Mission was the site of a famous battle during the Texas Revolution.
Trappers/adventurers in the Rocky Mountains.
Popular westward route over which settles traveled from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean.
person who acts as police, judge, and jury without formal legal authority.
Route along which the U.S. government forced Native Americans to travel.
1830 legislation ordering the forced removal of all Native American tribes west of the Mississippi River.
After declaring its independence from Mexico the independent nation of Texas became known as the...
Taking control of a piece of land and adding it to a country.
The acquisition of French territory by the United States in 1803 in which the size of the nation nearly doubled.
Settling in Utah, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints were also called...
A massive migration of people to California after the discovery of a precious metal in 1849.
Spanish settlers who lived in what is now Texas were called...

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