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Can you name the Anatomical directional terminology?

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Forced Order
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In front or in the front part
Behind, in back, or in the rear
Below in relation to another structure
Higher in relation to another structure
Pertaining or relating to the opposite side
On the same side
Beneath or below the surface
Near the surface
Relating to, or situated to the right, or on the right side of something
Relating to, or situated to the left or on the left side of something
Relating to the right and left sides of the body
Situated away from the centre or midline of the body, or away from the point of origin
Nearest the trunk or the point of origin
Relating to the back, being or located near, on, or toward the back, posterior part, or upper surface of
Relating to the belly or abdomen, on or toward the front, anterior part of
On or to the side
Relating to the middle or centre
Situated in the middle
Relating the the palm or volar aspect of the hand
Relating to the sole or under-surface of the foot
Face downward position of the body; stomach lying
Lying on back, face upward position of the body

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