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Can you name the actors who played in the original stage musicals and ther movie remakes?

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South Pacific
Nellie Forbush (1948 Broadway) 
Emil de Becque (1949 Broadway) 
Bloody Mary (1949 Broadway) 
Nellie Forbush (1958 film) 
Emil de Becque (1958 film) 
Bloody Mary (1958 film) 
My Fair Lady
Eliza Doolittle (1956 Broadway) 
Henry Higgins (1956 Broadway) 
Eliza Doolittle (1964 film) 
Henry Higgins (1964 film) 
West Side Story
Tony (1957 Broadway) 
Maria (1957 Broadway) 
Anita (1957 Broadway) 
Tony (1962 film) 
Maria (1962 film) 
Anita (1962 film) 
Danny (1972 Broadway) 
Sandy (1972 Broadway) 
Danny (1978 film) 
Sandy (1978 film) 
Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom (1986 London) 
Christine (1986 London) 
The Phantom (2004 film) 
Christine (2004 film) 
The Rocky Horror Show
Frank N Furter (1973 London) 
Brad Majors (1973 London) 
Janet Weiss (1973 London) 
Riff Raff (1973 London) 
Frank N Furter (1975 film) 
Brad Majors (1975 film) 
Janet Weiss (1975 film) 
Riff Raff (1975 film) 
Velma Kelly (1975 Broadway) 
Roxie Hart (1975 Broadway) 
Billy Flynn (1975 Broadway) 
Velma Kelly (2002 film) 
Roxie Har (2002 film) 
Billy Flynn (2002 film) 
Sally Bowles (1966 Broadway) 
The Emcee (1966 Broadway) 
Cliff (1966 Broadway) 
Sally Bowles (1972 film) 
The Emcee (1972 film) 
Brian (1972 film) 
Sweeney Todd
Mrs Lovett (1979 Broadway) 
Sweeney Todd (1979 Broadway) 
Mrs Lovett (2008 film) 
Sweeney Todd (2008 film) 
A Little Night Music
Desiree Armfeldt (1973 Broadway) 
Fredrik Egerman (1973 Broadway) 
Madame Armfeldt (1973 Broadway) 
Desiree Armfeldt (1977 film) 
Fredrik Egerman (1977 film) 
Madame Armfeldt (1977 film) 

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