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1957Bert Hudd
1957Meg and Petey Boles
1957Ben, Gus
1958Edward, Flora
1958Roote, Gibbs, Lamb
1959Mick, Aston, Davies
1959Albert Stokes
1960Annie, Walter
1960Len, Pete, Mark
1961Harry, James, Stella, Bill
1962Sarah, Richard, John
1964Disson, Wendy, Diana
1964Max, Lenny, Sam
1966Law, Stott, Jane
1967Beth and Duff
1968Ellen, Rumsey, Bates
1970Deeley, Anna, Kate
1974Hirst, Spooner, Foster and Briggs
1978Emma, Jerry and Robert
1980Voice 1, Voice 2 and Voice 3
1982Deborah, Hornby, Pauline
1982Controller and Driver
1984Nicolas, Victor, Gila, Nicky
1988Young Woman, Elderly Woman, Sergeant
1991Des, Lionel, Blindfolded Man
1991Terry, Gavin
1993Andy, Bel, Jake, Fred
1996Devlin, Rebecca
1999Lambert, Julie, Matt, Prue
2000Marcel Proust

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