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Can you name the youngest Oscar winners and nominees (all under 25 years old)?

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Year and ageNameInfo
1929, aged 22Best Actress winner for three films: 7th Heaven, Street Angel and Sunrise
1931, aged 9Youngest ever Best Actor nominee
1935, aged 6The first ever Special Juvenile Academy Award Winner - she was presented with a miniature Oscar statuette. The youngest person ever given an Academy Award
1937, aged 14Nominated for 'These Three' she later went on to play Nancy Drew and produce the 'Lassie' TV series
1939, aged 17For her significant contribution in bringing to the screen the spirit and personification of youth, and as juvenile players setting a high standard of ability and achievement. Shared with...
1939, aged 18Nominated for four acting Oscars (between 1940 and 1980) but has only ever won two Honorary Awards (1939 and 1983)
1940, aged 17Winner of special juvenile award, the only prson whose husband and daughter are also Oscar winners
1942, aged 24Actress who won her Oscar four years before her sister
1943, aged 24Winner for Best Supporting Actress, supporting Best Actress Greer Garson as 'Mrs Miniver'
1944, aged 25Won the Best Actress award on her 25th birthday
1945, aged 8Juvenile Award: outstanding child actress of 1944
1946, aged 15Juvenile Award: outstanding child actress of 1945
1947, aged 12Juvenile Award: oustanding child actor of 1946
1947, aged 23Although best known for her Oscar nominated role in 'All About Eve' she actually won a statuette 4 years earlier in 'The Razor's Edge'
1949, aged 12Juvenile Award: for the oustanding juvenile performance of 1948 in 'The Search'
1950, aged 12Juvenile Award: outstanding juvenile actor of 1949
1954, aged 11Won Golden Globe (aged 10, for 'The Member of the Wedding'), Oscar nomination (aged 11, for 'Shane'), killed in road accident (aged 30)
1954, aged 22Won the BAFTA Award in the same year for 'Best Foreign Actress'
1954, aged 24Best Actress, her first nomination. She was nominated a further four times and was presented with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Academy Award (posthumously) in 1993
1955, aged 7Juvenile Award: for his performance in 'The Little Kidnappers'
1955, aged 10Juvenile Award: for his performance in 'The Little Kidnappers'
1956, aged 17One of two teenagers nominated for 'Rebel Without A Cause', the other was...
Year and ageNameInfo
1956, aged 17Two Oscar nominations before his 23rd birthday, for 'Rebel Without A Cause' and 'Exodus'. Tragically murdered in 1976, aged 37
1957, aged 11Actress who turned her Broadway role in 'The Bad Seed' into an Oscar nominated film performance
1961, aged 14For 'Pollyanna', the most outstanding juvenile performance of 1960
1963, aged 10Only 35 days older than the youngest ever Oscar winner, she was nominated for 'To Kill A Mockingbird', a role for which she had no previous acting experience
1963, aged 16Oscar winner as Helen Keller, reprising the role she had played on Broadway aged 13
1966, aged 22Best Actress nomination for her debut film ' A Patch of Blue'
1969, aged 16Considered Himself one the Family on the multi-Oscar nominated musical 'Oliver!'
1970, aged 24Supporting Actress winner for 'Cactus Flower'
1972, aged 22First of six nominations...he finally won an Oscar 38 years later
1974, aged 10Youngest ever Actress in a Supporting Role nominee and winner
1974, aged 15Projectile vomiting and head-spinning, aged 15, but still wasn't enough to win her the Oscar
1976, aged 20Best Actress nominee for the title role in the French film 'L'histoire d'Adele H'
1977, aged 14She didn't win this time around but by the time she was 30 she had 2 Oscars,winning in 1989 and again in 1992
1978, aged 10One of four 10 year old girls who have been nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Her role in 'The Goodbye Girl' lost out to Vanessa Redgrave
1978, aged 20Ballet dancer, has appeared in only three features and was nominatd for her film debut
1978, aged 24First nomination. Second nomination came in 1995, aged 40
1980, aged 8Youngest person ever nominated for an Oscar, for playing Billy Kramer
1981, aged 20Youngest ever Best Supporting Actor winner and the only one under 25 years old
1983, aged 20What a Feeling! Winning an Oscar for co-writing Best Song (and singing it too)
1987, aged 21Youngest ever Best Actress winner, and for a non-speaking role
1989, aged 19Nominated for an Oscar the year before he played Indiana Jones. His brother now has three Oscar nominations.
1989, aged 22First Oscar nomination followed a year later by her second Oscar nomination, she finally won for her third, in 2001..
Year and ageNameInfo
1992, aged 24Youngest ever Best Director nominee
1994, aged 11Pre-teen Oscar winner who would later join The X-Men
1994, aged 19Beat his Titanic co-star to an Oscar nomination by 2 years
1994, aged 23Best Actress nomination for playing one of the 'Little Women'
1996, aged 20First of six nominations...four of them before her 30th birthday,
2000, aged 11He saw dead people, but didn't win the Oscar
2000, aged 24She won her Oscar before she won over Brad Pitt
2004, aged 13Between 2004 and 2013 she was the youngest person ever nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role
2005, aged 20The third actress nominated for playing a Jane Austen heroine
2005, aged 23Didn't win this time (Closer, but not close enough), but danced her way to an Oscar win in 2011, aged 29.
2007, aged 10Oscar nominated for her memorable dance routine to Rick James' 'Super Freak' in 'Little Miss Sunshine'
2008, aged 13One of three actresses (and the only one to be Oscar nominated) who played Briony Tallis in 'Atonement'. Second nomination, aged 21, for 2015.
2008, aged 19Co-writer of the Oscar winning song 'Falling Slowly'; she won her Oscar 4 days before her 20th birthday
2008, aged 20Only the second Canadian actress under 25 nominated (the first was 1994's 11 year old)
2010, aged 24Nominated for Best Supporting Actress alongside her co-star Vera Farmiga
2010, aged 24Played the sister of the 2005 winner (see above) but got her own Oscar nomination just three months before her 25th birthday
2011, aged 14Nominated for a role originally played by 22 year old Kim Darby
2011, aged 20The youngest three-time Best Actress nominee, she won the second time around, aged 22
2013, aged 9The youngest ever nominee for Best Actress
2013, aged 24Winner of an Oscar, Golden Globe and (lots of) Grammies before her 25th birthday
2015, aged 23Following in the footsteps of the 2013 winner for Best Song

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