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Film / AnimalNameHuman Co-stars
Where the North Begins (1923) [dog]Claire Adams, Walter McGrail
Tarzan the Ape Man (1932) [chimpanzee]Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan
The Thin Man (1934) [dog]William Powell, Myrna Loy
Bringing Up ____ (1938) [jaguar]Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant
Shooting High (1940) [horse]Gene Autry
______ Come Home (1943) [dog]Roddy McDowall, Elizabeth Taylor
National Velvet (1944) [horse]Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney
Son of Lassie (1945) [dog]Peter Lawford, June Lockhart
Bedtime for _____ (1951) [chimpanzee]Ronald Reagan, Diana Lynn
The Lone Ranger (1956) [horses]Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels
____ ____ (1956) [whale]Gregory Peck, Orson Welles
__________ _____: The True Story of a Dog (1961) [dog]Donald Crisp, Laurence Naismith
_______ (1963) [dolphin]Chuck Connors, Luke Halpin
The Incredible Journey (1963) [1 cat, 2 dogs]Emile Genest, John Drainie
Born Free (1966) [lion]Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers
Film / AnimalNameHuman Co-stars
The Intruders (1969) [kangaroo]Ed Devereaux, Gary Pankhurst
Willard (1971) [rat]Bruce Davison, Ernest Borgnine
_____, the Biggest Dog in the World (1973) [dog]Jim Dale, Spike Milligan
Every Which Way But Loose (1978) [orangutan]Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke
____ (1983) [dog]Dee Wallace Stone, Christopher Stone
_______ and Hillie (1984) [dog]Lillian Gish, Timothy Bottoms
Turner & _____ (1989) [dog]Tom Hanks, Mare Winningham
_________ (1992) [dog]Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt
Free _____ (1993) [whale]Jason James Richter, Lori Petty
_____ ______ (1994) [horse]Sean Bean, Georgina Armstrong
____ (1995) [pig]James Cromwell, Magda Szubanski
Congo (1995) [gorilla]Dylan Walsh, Laura Linney
_____ ____ (1997) [wolf]Ethan Hawke, Klaus Maria Brandauer
__________ (2003) [horse]Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges
______ and Me (2008) [dog]Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston

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