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A Dark-Type from Unova
Who remembers these cute twins from the old days?
Meloetta sang to calm it down
This Pokemon was acting when it made its appearance
You can get one of your own in Johto
Ash owns this shiny
Water-type in a legendary trio
A Gym Leader from Hoenn owns it
The Weakest, yet goldest shiny
Steel-type from Gen 1
One of Jessie's Pokemon fell in love with it
Claire (Blackthorn City Gym Leader) caught this Dragon-type
HintAnswerMovie or Show
One of Steven Stone's Pokemon
A Ghost-Type from Unova
Evolves into one of the best Dragon-types
This Pokemon stays in everyone's Day-Care
Fire-type in a legendary trio
An Old Man in Johto gives you a non-shiny version of this Pokemon that makes juice
Electric-type in a legendary trio
A Pokemon revived by an evil organization
One of Ash's Pokemon fell in love with it
Its Mega Evolution is Broken in Competitive
No one likes Spiders
A Grass-Type from Kalos

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