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Can you name the Heroes/Villains from the CW Arrowverse?

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'Fastest Man Alive'The Flash
His secret identityThe Flash
Two people merge into this heroThe Flash
The brainiack of the above answerThe Flash
The Guy who nicknames everyoneThe Flash
The Archer in GreenArrow
His secret identityArrow
Black CanaryArrow
White CanaryArrow
Oliver's Bodyguard/Best-friendArrow
Police Chief of Star CityArrow
Oliver's Ally on the Island, but Season 2 VillainArrow
HawkgirlLegends of Tomorrow
Person obsessed with Fire and HeatThe Flash & Legends of Tomorrow
Person obsessed with ColdThe Flash & Legends of Tomorrow
Name of Villain from the FutureThe Flash
Guy who can shrink himselfLegends of Tomorrow
Girl who can get powers of animalsArrow & Legends of Tomorrow
Immortal PsychopathLegends of Tomorrow
Kid FlashThe Flash
Time Traveler who tries to stop Vandal SavageLegends of Tomorrow
Body half of a hero in Flash Season 1The Flash
Body half of a hero in Legends of TomorrowLegends of Tomorrow
Cousin of Kal-ElSupergirl
Villian of a show, has mystical powersArrow
Daughter of Earth-2 ScientistThe Flash
Guy killed by a villain who took his place in lifeThe Flash
Earth-2 Villain of a Flash AllyThe Flash
Alien from another planetSupergirl
Tech expert at Cat Co.Supergirl
Sister of Supergirl's MomSupergirl
Best-friend of SupermanSupergirl
Android made by T.O. MarrowSupergirl
Girl cursed by a bansheeSupergirl
Husband of Supergirl's AuntSupergirl
Alien HackerSupergirl
Sister of Lex LuthorSupergirl
John Corben as a Cyborg Supergirl
Cowboy who is friends with a Time TravelerLegends of Tomorrow

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