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Phrase in EnglishLatin PhraseExtra Hint
and the rest, and so onetc (2 words)
from deed, existingwhat an interesting fact... (2 words)
for examplee.g. (2 words)
that isi.e. (2 words)
that is what I set out to proveQ.E.D. (3 words)
rest in peaceRIP (3 words)
againstvs. (1 word)
I came. I saw. I conquered. (same format in answer)in Spanish the word venir means 'to come'(3 words)
mode of operatingmo (2 words)
genuine, realit's a _______ guarantee (2 words)
for good, for the public goodLawyers will sometimes take cases ______ (2 words)
thereforethus (1 word)
a court order instructing that a person under arrest be brought before a judgeLincoln took away the writ of __________ (2 words)
for each/ (1 word)
in itselfWell, no, the window didn't break by itself,_____ (2 words)
existing state of affairs'No no no, stick with the _______' (2 words)
in exactly the same words(1 word)
the other way aroundThat team has beat the other team, and _______ (2 words)
Phrase in EnglishLatin PhraseExtra Hint
a logical fallacy consisting of criticizing a person when the subject of debate is the person's ideas or argument________ attacks (2 words)
an assumed nameThomas had a(n) ______ of 'T-Mac' (1 word)
legal defense that a defendant uses to prove his innocenceDo you have a(n) _____?(1 word)
another selfHis name is Tommy, but the name of his _______ is George. (2 words)
former students and graduates of a schoolTerm generally used with college graduates(1 word)
seize the day________ dude! (2 words)
glory to god in the highest'Gloria, ________' (3 words)
nothing, zero, nilchnada (1 word)
nourishing motherterm college graduates use (2 words)
God from machineLa machina is Spanish for machine
for this___________ hypothesis (2 words)
I forbidPresidential power (1 word)
unknownThe spy infiltrated the meeting _______ (1 word)
in the year of our lordA.D.
before middaya.m.
after middayp.m.
after what has been writtenP.S.

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