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I only have what I could grab and I grabbed all the wrong things.
Oh Oleg when you get the chance stop looking at my boobs
You're gonna act like a dog, I'll treat you like a dog
It's Hoarders 3D: The Experience
Sorry I'm late, but if I run any faster cops tend to pull guns on me
Oh Earl, you wouldn't be the first man to lose a limb over me
I know, my comment was laced with sarcasm.
Your clothes have a house!
Once you go Ukraine, you will scream with sex pain.
What are they sitting on, vibrators?
What that from Dr. Suess's 'Oh the places you'll put it in.'
When I get a tummy, ladies call me Budha a rub me for luck
Oh, is there a new Tyler Perry moving coming out?
Just because there is snow on the roof, doesn't mean there is not swing in the sling
Max, when I am thinking about having sex with you tonight, as always, this time I will ask you to stay.
She thinks I'm freewheeling American who takes drugs and has intercourse with dirty Kardashians
There's only one party worse than this one. The Donner party.... And they had better food.
Yes, but matching panties are suffocating the boys
QuoteWho Said It?
I can be a girl's girl.
Max, I know you had limited budget, but music is free
Never answer the wall
Sometime you do something you're not comfortable with. It's how you grow.
Looks like the garbage is taking itself out
Nobody does me better than me
You look so beautiful, I forgot how bad your personality is
This can't be about my drinking. I don't have the money to be a real alcoholic.
Hello Sophie, if you looked any sweeter, you would fire up my diabetes
It's all about the fans
Hey, it's a purse. It's supposed to be messy.
No, it's supposed to be a purse, not a retirement home for a pair of panties stuck to old lifesavers
Well, some people can get me to come... Just not you.
I saw the wings and thought heaven was full of chunky Chinese cherubs and no jazz.
No, I'm not Kim Kardashian. No, I work for a living
How did ketchup get this hard?
If it's after 2:30, the call is for the dirty
I thought google eliminated the need to ask questions

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