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1st king of Rome
7th king of Rome
last type of Government in Rome
year Rome was founded
who was Hercules' dad?
nemean ________
queen of the gods
Roman messenger god
Greek goddess of the moon
Boy who died trying to fly
island closest to italy
Latin name for Africa?
how many consuls per year?
Roman hero who single-handedly defended the bridge against the Etruscans
King associated with religious affairs
Romulus's brother
Father of Romulus?
Romulus's dad's bird?
lernaean __________
Hercules' taskmaster
stuck his right hand in the fire to prove his loyalty to Rome
Rome stole the ________ women
king of troy
best Trojan warrior
best Greek warrior
Latin name for Italy
Roman god of the sea
Greek goddess of wisdom/war
Hercules's mom
Brother of Zeus and Poseidon
God associated with horses
God of music
devised the Trojan horse
sea between Sicily and Carthage
sea between italy and greece
first office a man must hold before being consul
abbreviation which stands for 'the senate and the roman people'
animal who nursed Romulus and Remus
bird associated with Rome/Jupiter
bird of Athena
staff carried by Dionysus
staff carried by Hermes
main road running from Rome to Brundisium
volcano that erupted in AD79
father of jupiter
fifth king of rome

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