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QUIZ: Can you name the characters of Greek and Roman Mythology?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionGodFun Fact
Supreme Olympian, king of the Gods
Wife of #1
The blacksmith of the Gods
The messenger of the Gods
Goddess of war, wisdom, and womanly crafts
Goddess of the hunt
Twin Brother of #6
God of War
Goddess of Love
God of the seas
God of the vine, wine, revelry
Goddess of the Harvest
Daughter of #12
Son of goddess of love
God of the underworld, souls
Goddess of the hearth and home
Where the gods live
What the gods eat
What the gods drink
DescriptionGodFun Fact
His bird is the vulture
Her bird is the owl
Her bird is the dove
His bird is the eagle
His symbol is winged sandals
His symbol is the trident
His symbol is the bident
Her tree is the olive tree
His tree is the oak
His animal is horses
Father of Zeus and some other Olympians
Grandfather of Zeus, God of the heavens
Hero, completed 12 famous labors
Hero, killed Medusa
Hero, killed the minotaur
3-headed dog of the underworld
Generation before the Olympians, larger
Author of the Iliad and Odyssey

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