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Principal Parts3rd Principal PartMeaning
legō, legere, ---, lectumto read
scribō, scribere, ---, scriptumto write
dicō, dicere, ---, dictumto say
ducō, ducere, ---, ductumto lead
tradō, tradere, ---, traditumto hand over
sumō, sumere, ---, sumptumto take, to take up
trahō, trahere, ---, tractumto drag
tremō, tremere, ---to tremble
surgō, surgere, ---, surrectumto rise
vincō, vincere, ---, victumvenī, vidī, ??? to conquer
agō, agere, ---, actumto do, to drive
arripiō, arripere, ---, arreptumto snatch, to take hold of
claudō, claudere, ---, clausumto close
cadō, cadere, ---, casurumto fall
capiō, capere, ---, captumto take, to seize, to capture
ascendō, ascendere, ---, ascensumto climb, to go up
dēscendō, dēscendere, ---, dēscensumto climb down
conspiciō, conspicere, ---, conspectumto catch sight of
coquō, coquere, ---, coctumto cook
constituō, constituere, ---, constitutumto decide
vertō, vertere, ---, versumto turn
currō, currere, ---, cursurumto run
fugiō, fugere, ---, fugiturumto flee
emō, emere, ---, emptumto buy
gemō, gemere, ---, gemitumto groan
induō, induere, ---, indutumto put on
iaciō, iacere, ---, iactumto throw
gerō, gerere, ---, gestumto bear, to wear
Principal Parts3rd Principal PartMeaning
agō, agere, ---, actumto do, to drive
mittō, mittere, ---, missumto send
petō, petere, ---, petitumto seek
ponō, ponere, ---, positumto put, to place
quiescō, quiescere, ---, quieturumto rest
promittō, promittere, ---, promissumto promise
repellō, repellere, ---, repulsumto drive off
relinquō, relinquere, ---, relictumto leave behind
tremō, tremere, ---to tremble
faciō, facere, ---, factumto make, to do
ludō, ludere, ---, lusumto play
reprehendō, reprehendere, ---, reprehensumto blame, to scold
perduco, perducere, ---, perductumto lead, to lead through
constituo, constituere, ---, constitutumto decide
conicio, conicere, ---, coniectumto throw (together or into)
appello, appellere, ---, appulsumto drive to, to put to shore at
excipio, excipere, ---, exceptumto receive
comprehendo, comprehendere, ---, comprehensumto seize, to grab hold of
occido, occidere, ---, occisumto kill
induo, induere, ---, indutumto put on
evado, evadere, ---, evasumto evade, to escape
abscido, abscidere, ---, abscisumto cut off
verto, vertere, ---, versumto turn
consulo, consulere, ---, consultumto consult
offendo, offendere, ---, offensumto offend
expono, exponere, ---, expositumto expose
gero, gerere, ---, gestumto wear, to bear
inspicio, inspicere, ---, inspectumto look in(to)

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