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Rate-limiting CCBs
Dihydropyridine CCBs
Rate-limiting CCBs block __ calcium channels found in the heart & vascular smooth muscle
Thereby reducing __ entry into cardiac & vascular cells
The decrease in intracellular calcium reduces __ & causes __, which results in several effects
These include reduced __ due to the reduced venous pressure
Reduced __ due to reduced arteriolar pressure
Increased coronary __
educed cardiac contractility & thus reduced myocardial __ consumption
And a decreased __
High doses of these drugs affect __ conduction
Dihydropyridines block __ calcium channels in vascular cells
They do not affect cardiac __
Or __ conduction
And the beneficial effects are due to increased coronary __ & peripheral __
CCBs are used for the prophylaxis & treatment of __
Dihydropyridines are especially useful in angina associated with __
With the long-acting dihydropiridines being particularly useful for __ management
Rate-limiting CCBs are given for __
And nifedipine for __
CCBs should not be given to patients in __
Dihydropyridines are contraindicated in advanced __
And rate-limiting CCBs should not be given to patients in severe __
Owing to their negative __ action
Or to those taking __
As there is a risk ov __ block and impaired __
Rate-limiting CCBs may cause __
Dihydropyridines may cause __

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