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They cause the excretion of __ of filtered sodium as opposed to the normal 1% or less
This can result in profound __
Loop diuretics act at the __ segment of the loop of Henle
Loop diuretics inhibit to __ co-transporter
In the __ membrane
This increases the amount of sodium reaching the __
And thereby increases __ secretion
__ & __ reabsorption is also inhibited, owing to the decrease in potential difference across the cell normally generated from the recycling of potassium
Loop diuretics additionally have a __ action, which often brings about relief of clinical symptoms prior to the onset of diuresis
Indications include acute pulmonary __
Oliguria due to __
And resistant __
They should not be given to those with severe __ impairment
If given with cardiac glycosides there is a risk of cardiac-glycoside-induced __
If given with aminoglycoside antibiotics there is a risk of __
__ may occur due to increased hydrogen secretion & thus excretion
Adverse effects

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