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A dopamine precursor
Can penetrate the __
To replenish the dopamine content of the __
It is __ to dopamine
By __
Dopamine acts on
Only __ reaches the brain
Reaches peak plasma conc after __
It is used in the treatment of __
There is extensive __ metabolism
Therefore __ doses have to be given
Adverse effects
N&V are caused by stimulation of dopamine receptors in the __
In the __
Which lies outside the __
Psychiatric effects are due to increased dopaminergic activity in the __ are of the brain
Arrhythmias are due to increased __ stimulation
Co-careldopa inhibits __ in the periphery
Hence, extra cerebral conversion of L-dopa to ____ is inhibited
Domperidone is a __
That does not penetrate the __
Therefore blocking the stimulation of __ in the periphery
Selegiline is a __
Entacapone is a __
They both inhibit __
In the __
L-dopa is effective in __ of patients
Within 5y there is __ & __
A dopamine agonist
Selective for the __ receptor
Used in combination with __
To reduce late __ of L-dopa therapy or when L-dopa alone doesn't adequately control the symptoms
Similar side-effects to L-dopa by more __
Drug stimulating the release of dopamine
Adverse effects
Effectiveness is lost within __
Selegiline is a __
MAOB normally degrades __
By reducing this degradation, the actions on __ are potentiated
Thus allowing the dose to be reduced by
Can be used on their own in __ cases
Or with L-dopa to reduce __ deterioration
Same adverse effects as __
Entacapone is a __
COMT degrades dopamine to inactive __
Used as an adjunct to __
Adverse effects
It is toxic to the __
Bezathropine is an __ agent
Antagonists at the __
That mediate __ excitation
Adverse effects
Termination of this drug should be __
Most effective in controlling __

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