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Some drugs inhibit __ involved in neuronal excitability
Drugs such as phenytoin, carbamazepine & valproate inhibit the __
These drugs bind preferentially to inactivated (closed) __, preventing them from opening
The high-frequency repetitive __ of neurons during a seizure increases the proportion of sodium channels in the inactivated state susceptible to blockage
Eventually, sufficient sodium channels become blocked so that the __ is insufficient to cause a depolarisation
Note that neuronal transmission at normal frequencies is relatively unaffected because a much smaller proportion of the sodium channels are in the __ state
Ethosuximide inhibits__, low-threshold, fast-inactivating calcium
Absence seizures involve oscillatory neuronal activity between the __ & the __, which produce low-threshold spokes, thus allowing groups of cells to fire in bursts
It appears that the anti-absence drug Ethosuximide reduces this __, dampening the thalamocortical oscillations that are critical in the generation of such absence seizures
Some drugs inhibit __
Drugs that block amino acid receptors (__) have been shown to be antiepileptic in animal models
Lamotrigine inhibits the release of __ as one of its actions
Some drugs enhance __ inhibition
This can be by enhancement by direct __ properties
For example by __
This can be by potentiation of chloride currents through the __ channel complex
For example by __
The increased __ at GABAa receptors, hyperpolarises neurons & makes them refractory to excitation
This can be by inhibition of __ degradation in the CNS
For example by __
Which is an irreversible inhibitor of __
Which is the enzyme normally responsible for metabolism of __ in the neuron
Inhibition of GABAt, therefore, leads to an increase in __ levels of GABA & so enhances GABA-mediated inhibition

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