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Can you identify the different sentence structures? (A for simple, B for compound, C for complex, D for compound-complex)

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If Sporcle is fun, and this is about grammar; grammar is fun.
When you are finished, you should feel far more confident about tomorrow's quiz.
Sometimes, sentences can appear far too involved and complicated to analyze.
Remember to identify the number of clauses, for that is the most important step.
I'm tired of writing about tomorrow's quiz, so I will now move onto sentences which are more typical for me.
The purple goat laughed at the joke even though it offended the toaster, for it amused him.
The raccoon climbed the mountain without a rope.
The waterskiing gorilla had a taco after he was done in the steam room.
Johannes, Pedro, and Malique entered a challenging rock-paper-scissors tournament at Hollister on Thursday at 9:00.
The spaghetti is moldy; it's Johnny's fault.
SentenceAnswerSentence Type
After the dance, the mongoose ran up the stairs and had microwave popcorn.
If the yogurt doesn't get here on time, Festivus will be ruined.
Before he was domesticated, Hank was a wild beast; he would stay up until 9:30 on weekends.
The overly aggressive ogre, the minute minotaur, and Peter decided to pack their bags, hop a train, and head to Omaha.
I need to roll out the dough, and then I will wear a sombrero.
Until you realize what you've done, you can just sit with the asparagus.
Mysteries abound; the truth is out there.
I am running out of ideas, but I want to make sure you are all prepared.
If things still don't make sense, please stop by tomorrow before school.
That is all I have for now because I am out of ideas; I wish you all good luck and good night.

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