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(Verse 1)This here's a jam for
Try to do what
get shot down cause
play hard to get
Ok smartie
girls are
chick walks by
but you're standin on the wall like
Next day's function
food is served
music comes on
but then you ate so much you
A girl starts walkin'
sits down next to you
says she likes to dance
So come on fatso
(Verse 2) You're on a
And you're
someone can cure you're
Lookin for love
No fine girls
From frustration
Is to become
But every dark tunnel
So don't hang yourself
A movie's showin
couldn't care less
Theater gets dark
And then you spot a fine woman
She's dressed in yellow
Come sit next to me
You run over there
And what comes next hey
(Verse 3) In the city
Guys tell jokes so they
Go to tell a joke
And then you go to make a move
Girls are fakin'
they want a man
got no money
well then you
Girls are sedistic
lookin for a man
lyin on a beach perpretratin' a tan
so on the beach you're strollin', real
everything you have is yours
A girl walks up with
So don't just stand there
(Verse 4) Your best friend Harry
In five days from now
He's hoping you can be there
Cause in the ceremony
You say neato
you roll to the church
The bride walks in
and there's one more girl
So you start thinkin then
A bridesmaid looks and thinks
She thinks you're kinda cute
And you're feelin really firm
Reception's jumpin
You look at the girl and your
She says she wants to dance
Now you now what to do

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