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A process for empirical investigation of a hypothesis under conditions designed to control biases and subjective judgements.
Our tendency to pay attention to evidence that supports our beliefs or expectations, while ignoring evidence that does not.
A reinforcement program by which the number of responses required for reinforcement varies from trial to trial.
A sleep deficiency caused by not getting the amount of sleep that one requires for optimal functioning.
A legal term, not a psychological or psychiatric one, referring to a person who is unable, because of a mental disorder or defect, to conform his or her behavior to the law.
Stimulation and reassurance derived from the physical touch of a caregiver.
A mental abnormality involving swings of mood from mania to depression.
The process by which extrinsic rewards can sometimes replace internal motivation.
The type of 'smarts' needed to understand and control one's emotions.
The hormone system within our bodies, it includes the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, and testes.
Part of the limbic system within the brain responsible for forming long-term memories.
Cluster of related information that represents ideas or concepts in our memory.
A technique for improving memory
Problem-solving procedures or formulas that guarantee a correct outcome, if correctly applied.
An induced state of awareness, usually characterized by heightened suggestibility,deep relaxation, and highly focused attention.
According to Freud, this is the unconscious portion of the personality that houses the most basic drives and stores repressed memories.
Personality theories that focus on human growth and potential, rather than on mental disorder.
The first stage in Piaget's theory of cognitive development, during which the child relies heavily on innate motor responses to stimuli.
A long-lasting stressful condition.
Any form of psychotherapy done with more than one client/patient at a time.

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