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Who were the first 2 people created in the Bible?Put a comma between the names
How long did it rain while Noah was on the ark?days only
Who was the first patriarch?Lot's uncle
Who was the first son of Isaac?Sorry, no hint on this question
Who was the favored wife of Jacob?His second wife
Who was the favored son of Jacob?coat of many colors
Who's dreams did Jacob's son interpret?He didn't live in Israel
Where did Moses grow up?the country
Who helped Moses free the Israelites?His brother
How many plagues were there?The plagues god inflicted on Egypt
What Jewish holiday came from the last plague?Every first born son killed
What is the event called where the Israelites left Egypt?Book of the Bible
Which book deals with offerings?Book of the Bible
What were the Commandments kept in?carried in a box
Name one of the foods God fed the Israelites as they wandered in the desert?One doesn't even exist, only God can make it
Name one of the spies that said the Israelites could capture Canaan?Second question without a hint
What did Moses do to not be allowed into Canaan?he was supposed to speak to the rock for water
What did Moses recieve at Mt. Horeb?Rules for life and how to live it
Who gives a long speech to the Israelites before he dies?last question without a hint
Where does Moses die?its on a certain Mountain outside Canaan
What are the five books in the Pentateuch?name them in order with commas in between

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