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True or False?Answer
There is a mysterious face engraved into Mount Chiliad
Franklin has a mission to rescue Michael from the Mexican Mob
Trevor previously served in the American Navy
Michael's real last name is Phillips
Trevor has a friend/business partner named Ron.
Michael falls in love with Mr. Madrazo's wife, Patricia
Lester helps plan all the heists.
Michael has a son named Jimmy
Lamar gives Franklin a dog named Chop
The first mission takes place in Los Santos
Ron gets killed by Devin Weston
Lamar's last name is Davis
Once completing the game 100%, a UFO can be seen on top of Mt. Chiliad at times
True or False?Answer
The military base is called Fort Zancudo
The most expensive car in story mode is the Adder
The Truffade Adder is molded after the Bugatti Veyron
Trevor has a feud with a biker gang throughout the story
The ammo store is called Ammu*Nation
Michael becomes involved with the Epilson Program
After getting all 50 spaceship parts, Franklin can get the Space Docker
You can find a frozen alien in the mission 'By the Book'
Trevor drives a red truck
Franklin drives a white sedan
Michael drives a blue sports car
Franklin's special ability helps him fly better

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