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What is the first line of the video?
The video takes place in what country?
How does the young boy respond to the 'You Stupid'?
What is the young boys alleged name?
What city does the boy allegedly live in?
Of what lineage is the boy in the video?
Fill in the statement: What's 9 + ____?
What does the boy think 9+10 is?
What is 9+10 actually?
What website ran a story saying the child ran away from home?
What social media site was the video first on?
Is the child's brother older or younger?
What is the child not wearing in the video?
Little Habeeb is swinging what part of his body in the vine?
What item is in the background during the video?
The light gives this item what color appearance?
After the child says his answer, what does the other boy once again state?
What simple mathematical operation is the child failing at?
What color do the boys walls appear to be?
A hit remix of the video on YouTube featured what a song by which artist?
What knockoff of the meme featured a Mexican?

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