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Circumstances of deathName
Protecting her son
Betrayed by a rat
DADA professor possessed by Voldemort
Didn't notice he'd died
Botched decapitation
Ran out of Elixir
Last words: 'Go away and use your own toilet!'
Impaled by a Hogwarts treasure
Riddle House groundskeeper walks in on Voldemort
These three murders were blamed on Morfin Gaunt (enter family name)
Disappears in Albania
Transfigured into a bone after death
Tied for first in Tri-Wizard Tournament
Fell through the Veil while dueling with Bellatrix
Brothers in the Order of the Phoenix killed by Death Eaters (enter family name)
Head of Magical Law Enforcement killed by Voldemort
Mysterious disappearance of ice cream parlor proprietor
Died in childbirth in a London orphanage
Durmstrang headmaster killed for fleeing
Murdered for Helga Hufflepuff's Cup
Avada Kedavra on Astronomy Tower
Circumstances of deathName
Muggle Studies teacher killed at Malfoy Manor
Killed in her cage on the flight from Little Whinging
Abandoned by Mundungus Fletcher on the flight from Little Whinging
Died stealing Slytherin's locket
Minister of Magic died protecting Harry
Foreign wandmaker interrogated by Voldemort
'Thief' who wouldn't tell Voldemort about the Elder Wand
Body used to disguise Nagini
Murdered by her lover, the Slytherin ghost
Remorseful suicide for killing the Ravenclaw ghost
Strangled by his own sliver hand
Stabbed by Bellatrix and buried by Shell Cottage
Accidental suicide by Fiendfyre
Last words: 'You actually are joking, Perce... I don't think I've heard you joke since you were–'
Father of newborn killed during Battle of Hogwarts
Mother of newborn killed during Battle of Hogwarts
Potions Master exsanguinated by Nagini
Horcrux decapitated by Neville Longbottom
Molly Weasley shouts 'NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!'
Death fulfilled Trelawney's prophecy

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