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Can you name the Main Characters in His Dark Materials?

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Main Protagonist and possesser of an alethiomiter
Bearer of the Subtle Knife
Mother of Lyra
Father of Lyra and leader of rebellion against the Authority
Scientist who acts as the serpent in the garden
King of the Panserbjørn who was found drunken and without his armor
Skilled aeronaut from the country of Texas
The Regent of Heaven who seeks to destroy the rebel army
Lord of the Western Gyptians
Second in command to the Gyptians who saved a witch queen's life
Father of Will and famous Explorer
Witch Queen who aids Lyra
Kitchen boy friend of Lyra who was taken by the Gobblers
The first angel to come to existance
Lover of another angel who dies to save him and the Subtle Knife bearer
Accompanies the Subtle Knife Bearer but fails and then helps him by killing an assassin
Leader of the rebellious angels
Gallivespian who is a loyal aid to the two children
Gallivespian who is a loyal aid to the two children
Steals the Alethiometer from the main character
Witch Queen and lover of Lord Asriel
Representative and alethiometrist of the Consistorial Court of Discipline
Old King of the bears who fought and lost to the the current king of the Panserbjørn
Daemon Of Lyra
Daemon of Will
Daemon of Lord Asriel
Daemon of Mrs. Coulter
Daemon of Serifina
Daemon of Lee

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