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two or more valid interpretations of something
a character who demonstrates one or two qualities, ideas, or traits
works considered by the English elite to be most important
the character/ object that opposes the protagonist
a character who portrays common stereotypes
the idea that literary works can have multiple meanings
a character who does not change throughout the story
words spoken between characters
the struggle in the plot between the protagonist and the antagonist
an approach to literature that focuses on formal elements of a work
universal symbols sparking intense feelings
complex character who conveys the flaws of people
a characteristic of a literary genre
a character whose personality contrasts with another, which highlights that character
a change in the action that affects the protagonist
a character who undergoes change due to the plot's action
narrator whose interpretation is different from the author's
the narrator intrudes to make an interpretation for the reader
a break in the narrative to explain past events
diction that provides information
the story is told from the narrator's own eyes; uses 'I'
a narrator is restricted to the single perspective of one character
discreet hints in a story that predict events to come
when a character has a sudden realization about something
an all-knowing narrator
the anticipation of the reader for the outcome of the story
an approach to literature emphasizing the relation to between the historic context of the work and the modern reader's interpretation
narrators characterized by innocence
a narration in which the characters' thoughts and actions speak for themselves
the main character of a narrative
an approach to literature that focuses on the reader
an approach to literature examining society in literature
the turning point of a protagonist's fortunes

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