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A car with JATO rockets attatched to it will take off.Pilot 1
Eating Pop Rocks and soda will cause a persons stomach to rupture.Pilot 1
A person can get stuck on an airline toilet.Pilot 2
A person can get struck with an exploding tin of biscuits.Pilot 2
A lawyer killed himself by running through the plate-glass window of his 24th floor office.Pilot 2
Covering your skin in gold paint will kill you due to skin asphyxiation.Pilot 3
A man successfully flew a lawn chair with weather balloons and descended safely by means of an airgun.Pilot 3
Eating too much poppy seeds will cause you to test positive on a heroin or opium test.Pilot 3
You can use a bullet made of ice to kill someone without a trace.1
You can use a bullet made of meat to kill someone without leaving a trace.1
You can use a gelatin bullet to kill someone without leaving a trace.1
You can use a poison capsule fired from an umbrella to kill someone without leaving a trace.1
Pouring gasoline down a toilet and lighting it will cause the toilet to explode.1
You stay drier running in the rain than walking.1
A bricklayer could be injured repeatedly while hoisting a barrel full of bricks to the top of a building.3
Urinating on the electrified third rail on a set of train tracks will kill you by electrocuting you.3
Using an electric eel-skin wallet will cause the magnetic strip on your credit cards to fail.3
If a glass of water is microwaved, and then removed the water will boil over whatever container it is in.4
A penny dropped from a skyscraper will either kill a pedestrian below or embed itself into the sidewalk.4
It is possible to pick up radio signals with a tooth filling.4
It is possible to cook one's insides by using a tanning booth too often.4
It is possible to blow up a microwave by microwaving metal.4
A high fall over water can be survived by throwing a hammer ahead of oneself and breaking the surface tension.5
Cola is able to remove bloodstains.5
Cola is able to clean rust.5
Cola is able to clean chrome.5
Cola is able to dissolve a tooth overnight.5
Cola is able to dissolve steak.5
Cola is able to clean a penny.5
Cola is able to clean battery terminals.5
Cola is able to remove greasy stains in your laundry.5
Cola is able to degrease engines.5
Cola is able to kill sperm.5
You can stay alive when buried alive.5
Metal body peircings increase one's chances of being struck by lightning.6
While under seige, a medieval Hungarian town, Paks, built a cannon out of a tree overnight, but wiped out a great deal of itself during a test fire when the cannon exploded.6
Eating an onion allows you to pass the breathalyzer test.6
Eating breath mints allows you to pass the breathalyzer test.6
Drinking mouthwash allows you to beat the breathalyzer test.6
Placing a penny in your mouth allows you to pass the breathalyzer test.6
A Corvette fouled by a decomposing body can destroy the inside of the car.7
A Corvette fouled by a decomposing body cannot bu cleaned up enough to remove the smell completely.7
A Corvette fouled by a decomposing body cannot be cleaned up enough to be sold.7
A hillbilly was blasted 200 feet out of a culvert when he tried to light gasoline in an attempt to chase down a raccoon who had wandered down the pipe.7
Prisoners escaped Alcatraz Prison on a raft made of rubber rain ponchos.8
A duck's quack does not echo.8
When you go to get blood drawn at the Red Cross, you are secretly having mind controlling microchips implanted in your bloodstream that can be detected with a stud finder.8
A frozen chicken launched in a bird strike simulation can penetrate aircraft of train windshields.9
While over-stuffing his washing machine with laundry, a man accidentally wedged himself into the machine, tripping the spin cycle, flailing him around, spilling laundry detergent a9
A woman, while swimming, accidentally swallows a fertilized octopus egg that gestated in her stomach.9

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