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'I'm your Biggest Fan, I'll Follow you...'
Lady Gaga 
'You would not believe your eyes, If...'
Owl City 
'I look up to the Sky, and now the world is mine, I known it all my Life...'
Cash Money Heroes 
'All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies, now put your...'
When i See you, I Run out of Words, to say, i Wouldn't...'
'Don't Stop, make it pop, DJ...'
'In New York, Concrete Jungles where Dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do, now your in New York, These streets will make you...'
Jay-Z/Alicia Keys 
'I'll Never be the Same, ...'
Timbaland/Katy Perry 
'You are the Thunder and I am the Lightning, and i love...
Selena Gomez 
'Yeah...Gotta Start looking at the hand of the time we've...
Kris Allen 

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