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Can you name the before and after answers based off of video games?

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Third-person shooter horror featuring Isaac Clarke on a mission to destroy NecromorphsGame using a laser cannon to shoot a grid of shifting aliens, originally released in 1978
Where the original Super Mario Bros takes place (and is the primary residence of Mario)Role-playing series featuring both Final Fantasy and Disney characters
Title of the first Legend of Zelda release for the Nintendo 64Weapon received after defeating Flash Man in Mega Man 2
Beat 'em up game featuring heroes Billy and Jimmy LeeOne of the original and most successful role-playing series, whose enemies include the famous 'slimes'
Main protagonist of the Metroid gamesIrish boxer and opponent of Little Mac in the Punch-Out! series
Series of puzzle games featuring Bugs Bunny and Woody WoodpeckerSeries of games featuring the Belmont family and Dracula
Original NES game to feature the Solid Snake characterGame featuring the Delta Squad on a mission to save planet Sera
Full name of the main protagonist of Star Fox (Star Wing)Full name of the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII
Area where Mario can get lost finding the Blue Switch Palace in Super Mario WorldSNES RPG where the main character must prevent a comet from bringing evil to the world
Game where you can create your own planet, develop it, and create life formsNightcrawler hero who comes across the Ultra High Tech Indestructible Super Space Cyber Suit and uses a blaster to defeat Queen Slug-for-a-Butt
Stealth shooter game based off of a Tom Clancy novelThe title of the Game Boy game Super Mario Land 2
SNES game featuring Arthur the Knight who battles monsters, spooks, and zombies to rescue a princessThe original game featuring Arthur the Knight who battles monsters, spooks, and zombies to rescue a princess
Game where you can play Poker and Blackjack in the city of Lost WagesGame that introduced the winged hero, Pit
Title of the third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video gameSuccessful racing game released for the XBox

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