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QUIZ: Can you name the differences between baseball and football according to George Carlin?

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In Football, you score
In Baseball, you score
In Football, the ball is put into play by
In Baseball, the ball is put into play by
In Football, the team is run by
In Baseball, the team is run by
Baseball is a 19th century pastural
Football is a 20th century technological
Baseball is played on a diamond in
Football is played on a gridiron in
Baseball begins in
Football begins in
In Football, you wear a
In Baseball, you wear a
Football is concerned with
Baseball is concerned with
In Football, the specialist comes in to
In Baseball, the specialist comes in to
In Football, you receive a
In Baseball, you make
Football has hitting, clipping, spearing, blocking, piling on, late hitting, unnecessary roughness and
Baseball has
Football is played in any kind of
In Baseball, if it _____, we don't come out to play!
Baseball has a
Football has the
Baseball has no
Football is rigidly
In Football, the object is for the QB to be on target, riddling the defense, by hitting his receivers with deadly accuracy, in spite of the blitz, even if he has to use the
In Baseball, the object is to

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