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Can you name the things associated with Al Bundy from Married...with Children?

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Al Bundy's occupation
Where Al Bundy attended high school (Where he scored 4 touchdowns in a single game)
Al's football number
The city where Al and his family live
Al is the founder of NO MA'AM, which stands for...
The brand of car that Al drives
Al favorite TV Show
Al's co-worker
The animal that Al commonly compares Marcy to
The brand of toilet that Al uses (It goes Ba-whoosh! That's a man's flush)
This actor plays Al's father-in-law
What Al requires when eating his Chuck's Cheese Bowl's Cherry Cheesecake
Former NFL player that plays Al's high school nemesis Spare Tire Dixon (Who incidentally is also whom Al claims was in the first light beer commercial)
The book that Al checked out in 1957 that he never returned
This late comedian played Al's guardian angel
Al did a commercial for the Super Bowl for this brand of athletic shoe
Former NFL quarterback who claims Al was the greatest athlete to come from his high school (And makes Al his MVP)
This celebrity played Coco, a rich woman who wants to buy Al
Al's weapon of choice against the axe murdered while on vacation in Dumpwater, FL
Al Bundy's character was named after this professional wrestler

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